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Episode Eleven - What’s Your Favourite Scary Podcast?


Talking about Melissa Joan Hart’s book, Melissa Explains It All:

Bec: No, this is the worst part. She calls them her gay uncles, but it gets shortened to ‘guncles’. Which is the worst, worst word I have ever heard. And she says, “At the end of the weekend, I could smell my pillowcase and tell which guncle had slept in my bed after a night of club-hopping.”

Peter: This is basically her talking about sniffing older gay men’s semen on her pillowcase. Let’s not mince words, okay.

Bec: And she could differentiate between them.

Peter: Yeah, she could differentiate between them. Melissa Joan Hart has admitted that she can tell gay men by the smell of their semen.

Bec: Their gunk. The guncle’s gunk.